Yoga is a means that not only keeps the body healthy

Yoga is a means that not only keeps the body healthy but also the mind. If daily yoga is practiced, the body's slowness also runs away and you experience mental peace, then let us know which are the three asanas daily which keeps the body fit and fit.

Practicing Pawanmuktasana Kriya is very easy. First of all lie down on the ground and keep in mind that both the feet are in a straight line and the hands are in the side. Taking a deep breath, release it, bring your knees towards the chest and press the thighs on your stomach. Fasten your hands around the legs in such a way that you are hinging your knees.

Supt Matsyendrasan
This asana, unlike the name, is very easy to do. To do this, first lie down on the ground. Keep both hands at an angle of 180 degrees or in line with the shoulders. Now bend the right leg from the knees and lift it up and rest on the left knee. Now while exhaling, lift the right ax and turn the back to the left side and bring the right knee down on the ground. During this time, both of your hands should remain in their place. Your head will be on the left side. You have to do the same with your left leg. You can do this action 3 to 5 times. This will strengthen your back, buttocks, spine and waist bones and muscles.

Vakrasana is done by sitting. In this, your spinal cord is in a straight line. To do this, first of all sit with your two legs spread in front and keep the spinal cord in a straight line. With both your hands in front of the eyes, connect the front toes with the breath and go right as you breathe in, and return to the former posture while exhaling. Now this action has to be done on the left side. Do this 3 to 5 times. Do not show haste in doing it.

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