whether the job is government or private, everyone wants to get enough holidays

How about if you get three days off every week and work only six hours daily for the remaining four days? There is hardly anyone who will reject such an offer. After all, whether the job is government or private, everyone wants to get enough holidays. But this wish of most people is not fulfilled.

But if a government makes such a rule itself…? This is not a joke, it is a reality A Prime Minister has proposed to make such a rule in the country. Who is that Prime Minister? What is the proposal? Read further everything about it.

  •     It is being discussed here recently that Finland Prime Minister Sanna Marin became the Prime Minister of Finland. The 34-year-old Sana Marin world has tried to make working hours in their country flexible.
  •     According to the Daily Mail report, Sana says' I believe that people should spend more time with their family and loved ones. They should take time to live and understand their hobbies and different aspects of life. '
  •     Currently in Finland it is normal to work eight hours a day five days a week. Just like it is in many companies and government departments in India.
  •     But Sana Marin is advocating to reduce the number of days of work in the week and to improve the efficiency of employees' work and the results.
  •     Sana says that 'it is important for Finnish citizens to do less work. It is not a matter of running a government in a feminist manner, but of keeping promises made to our voters and helping them.

Sana herself is the mother of a child and represents a coalition of four political parties. All those parties are headed by women, three of whom are under 35 years of age. His proposal has been welcomed with great pleasure by Finland's Education Minister Lee Andersen.

  •     Let us tell you that in Sweden, Finland's neighboring country, a 6-hour daily rule was implemented in 2015. The result - employees started working happily, productivity increased and lifestyle became better. '
  •     Apart from this, in November 2018, Microsoft Japan also implemented the rule of working four days a week to balance work and rest of life. Result - Employees and company productivity increased by 39.9 percent.

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