Sulemani's daughter calls Trump a symbol of stupidity

Ayatollah Ali Khamani, Iran's supreme leader, recited the last namaz on the coffin of the country's top military commander, Kassem Sulaimani. In a highly emotional event on Monday in Tehran, Khamnai bid farewell to the military commander.

Sulemani's daughter calls Trump a symbol of stupidity
Qasim Sulemani's daughter Zainab described US President Donald Trump as a maniac and a symbol of stupidity. He said that my father's death would bring bad days for America and Israel. Addressing the crowd at the funeral procession of the father, Zainab Sulaimani said that Trump's plan to create a separation between Iraq and Iran failed by killing my father and Iraq's militia leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. The only reason for this is the historical unity between the two countries, which the US hates. He said that his father's death did not break him and let America know that his blood would not go waste. She said she knew that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nastallah would avenge his father's death.

Sulemani died in a US drone attack on Friday at Baghdad International Airport. The attack is a major setback for Iran and has raised fears of renewed war in West Asia.

Sulaimani was so important to Iran
General Qasim Sulemani was extremely important to America's arch rival Iran. He carried out all the campaigns in West Asia. General Sulemani had the status of an important figure in his country and outside the country. His role in the Syria and Iraq War was considered extremely important.

Iran's influence increased in the Middle East
He played a major role in increasing Iranian influence in the Middle East. Due to this, the pro-American countries Saudi Arabia and Israel started getting into trouble against Iran. Even before this there were many attempts to kill him, but he escaped every time. For 20 years, intelligence agencies of the West, Israel, and Arab countries followed him.

Sulaimani was a headache for America
Sulaimani had a very important role in Iraq. The Iran-backed force was formed under his leadership to save Baghdad from the Islamic State's terror. Whose name was Popular Mobilization Force. General Sulaimani was a very old enemy of America. He was instrumental in the bloody war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s. In this war, America supported Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussein.

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