Watching TV cheap, TRAI chairman told how much will be charged

Nearly 200 million households in India have TVs. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) Chairman RS Sharma said that keeping in mind the convenience of the customers, the customers will be charged Rs 12 per month for each channel. Earlier it was priced at Rs 19. If customers get the channel bouquet, then its maximum price will be Rs 12 per channel. He further said that for some channels, customers were charged five rupees earlier, which was later reduced to 19 rupees. Both SD and HD had the same price.

There will be more savings in more than one connection
About six million households in India have more than one connection. With the new rules, such customers will also be able to save money every month. Customers with more than one connection will be able to save Rs 98 per month. Earlier, customers had to pay Rs 130 for every connection. Whereas under the new policy, 40 percent of the 130 rupees will be required for the first connection and Rs 130 for the second and third connections, ie Rs 52 per connection.

In this way, you can save 80 rupees every month
TRAI Secretary SK Gupta said that in February last year, when the New Tariff Order (NTO) was first issued, consumers used to watch 100 channels by paying NCF of Rs 130. According to feedback from distribution platform operators (DPOs), most consumers subscribed to around 200 channels. That is, to watch 100 channels out of 200 channels, the growers used to pay 130 rupees. At the same time, for the remaining 100 channels, in a 25 channel slab, by paying Rs 20 each, Rs 80 was paying as network capacity fee. After the change in the rules, this charge will no longer be levied. That is, customers will save 80 rupees and can see 200 channels for only 130 rupees.

Television broadcasters criticized
Recently, TRAI in its order had reduced the maximum price of a channel from the previous Rs 19 to Rs 12 per month. Television broadcasters criticized TRAI's new order on tariffs on Friday, saying the move would increase the threat to content creation and affect the industry. Television broadcasters led by the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) held a press conference and voiced the concerns of the industry.

IBF president gave a statement

In this context, IB Singh, president of IBF and head of Sony Entertainment, NP said that the process of adjusting things is going on after the tariff order last year. In such a situation, no new order was required to control the tariff rates.

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